Established in 1996Kerendian & Associates, Inc.

Kerendian & Associates, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based law firm that has expanded into a multi-attorney firm due to client satisfaction and referrals. We believe every case is unique and requires strategy and a plan of action. The firm considers itself a boutique law firm that is large enough to handle complex legal matters, yet small enough to cater to a client’s specific and unique needs. The firm has established a reputation in the community for aggressive and zealous representation of a client’s rights, and has gained the trust and confidence of attorneys and judges for conducting itself in an aggressive, yet ethical, manner. Instead of taking cases in a wide array of fields of law, the firm has focused on a select number of practice areas. Specifically, the firm’s focus is centered on business litigation, real estate litigation, and dental/medical litigation.

Prior Cases & Trials

These are examples of some of the hundreds of cases we handled.

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  • Represented a corporation and its shareholders, who were sued by a landlord for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Landlord claimed breach of a commercial lease agreement. After a trial, a judgment was obtained in favor of our clients and against the landlord,...

  • Represented a client who had been sued for various ADA violations. After litigation, the case was settled for a negligible amount.

  • Represented a client who purchased a building, but the material facts were misrepresented to the client. After we completed arbitration, the arbitrator ruled in favor of client, and awarded her damages, attorney’s fees, costs and punitive damages. The...

  • Represented a doctor, who had been sued for malpractice. We filed a petition to transfer the case to arbitration. After we filed a motion for summary judgment, the arbitrator found in favor of our client and granted our client’s motion for summary judgment.

  • Represented a client involved in litigation arising from the ownership of a large real estate worth tens of millions of dollars in one of the prime locations in the country. Judge ruled in favor of client after few rounds of motion practice. The Appellate court...

  • Regularly represented one of the largest hospitals in the Southern California area. In one of the cases, after a highly disputed lawsuit, obtained a settlement of over $700,000 for our client.

  • Represented a client involved in a highly-contentious business dispute. After about three years of litigation, obtained a settlement of over $30,000,000 for our client.

  • Represented a client involved in a highly-contentious dispute. After a trial, we obtained a judgment in favor of the client for $200,000. The opposing side appealed. After briefings and a hearing before the appellate justices, the ruling of the trial court was...

  • Represented a corporation and its shareholders in the business of distributing general merchandise. After a trial, a federal jury awarded monetary damages and entered a judgment in favor of our clients for over $1,400,000.

  • Represented a corporation and its shareholders, who were sued in a class action for improper classification of employees as independent contractors, failure to pay proper wages and provide proper employment benefits. We successfully prevented the class from...

Our Team
  • rozita

    Rozy Levy

    Rozy Levy, Administrator/law clerk

    Rozy Levy has been with Kerendian & Associates since 2008 as an administrator, and a law clerk. Rozy works on the cases and closely with the firm’s attorneys to provide the best possible representation...

  • craig

    Craig Cawlfield

    Craig Cawlfield – Attorney Profile

    Craig Cawlfield is an attorney with focus mainly in business and real estate litigation. A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Mr. Cawlfield obtained his law degree in 2000 from UCLA School of Law. Prior to that, he graduated...

  • edrin

    Edrin Shamtob

    Edrin Shamtob – Attorney Profile

    Edrin Shamtob is a litigation and transactional associate at Kerendian & Associates. His experience extends to assisting clients in a broad assortment of real estate law matters, business transactions, including...

  • shab

    Shab D. Kerendian

    Shab D. Kerendian – Attorney Profile

    Shab D. Kerendian founded the firm and started it as the Law Offices of Shab D. Kerendian. Since 1996, Shab has been practicing law and representing clients before judges in state and federal courts. Due to client...

Business Litigation

  • -Contract issues and disputes
  • -Partnership disputes
  • -Breach of fiduciary duties
  • -Corporate lawsuits
  • -Derivative actions
  • -Arbitration and mediation
  • -ADA cases/defense

Real Estate Litigation

  • -Disputes relating to sale of properties
  • -Fraud, misrepresentation, or concealment
  • -Loan disputes with lenders
  • -Foreclosure disputes
  • -Partition actions
  • -Lease disputes
  • -Lease drafting
  • -Disclosures

Medical & Dental Litigation

  • -Medical/dental malpractice defense
  • -Disputes with insurance companies
  • -Partnership or ownership disputes
  • -Equipment contracts and issues
  • -Partnership or ownership disputes